The Best of Restaurant Laughs

As part of my recognition of the “birthday” of m first blog, I am recapping each of my blogs this week in a “best of” post.  Many of the posts on Restaurant Laughs originated on my tipsfortips blog before migrating to The Hospitality Formula Network.  I wanted to give a peak behind the scenes and show you what some of the most popular posts have been since the migration.  Then I am looking back on some of the posts that are my favorites to give my new readers a chance to catch up on some of the best posts from the past.  Let’s start with the most popular.

Top Ten Most Viewed Posts

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Most of these posts do very well based on search engine traffic.  Some have been linked to by fellow bloggers who sent a great deal of views.  Only a couple would make my list of the top ten posts on this blog.  So I went digging back through the archives to find my ten favorite posts.  There are some classics from the beginning of this blog that sit on page 20 or so and rarely get seen anymore.  If you are looking for a laugh, here is some of the treasure buried deep in the “older posts.”

Top Ten Posts According To Me

Awkward Moments:  For months after this was posted people would ask me if this was a true story.  I swear that it is absolutely factual.  I have not seen the couple since.  I also have not blushed this much at a table ever.

The Server’s Court: The concept for this post hit me one day while I was sneaking a cigarette behind the restaurant.  I hope no one caught this moment on camera because I did a little happy dance.  This might be the most hostile post I have ever written.  It is the only one where friends told me I went too far.

Servers vs Dentists: One of my first posts and one of two videos I have made for this blog.  It examines the concept of people acting the same way in a dentist’s office that they do when they go to a restaurant.

Retiring Jokes: I actually haven’t succeeded at working these jokes out of my repertoire all together.  They get used by instinct in some cases.  This is also the only post containing a picture of me rocking a mullet in the 80s.

I Make Mistakes Too: I decided to share some of my most embarrassing moments serving.  It keeps me humble to remember that I screw up plenty.  No matter how much advice I give, I still can make things awkward.

The Card: I rarely write posts about specific guests.  This guy deserves to be an exception.  He hands me a card instead of a drink order.  On one side is his drink order.  On the other is a picture of him in a bathing suit.  You probably don’t want to miss this one.

Trash Talking Guests: This post also showed a bit of my more caustic side.  I think the word play in it makes for some of my best writing ever as well.

Recommended Viewing 11/5: The worst title for a post ever.  This post contains the best restaurant related humor available on youtube.  There are some hilarious videos to be found on this one.  It also includes “Serving” which I think is the funniest TV show that never made it to TV.

WRS: Best of 2010: My recap of the weird restaurant stories series contains the best stories from the first four months.  I miss writing this series and consider bringing it back each week.

The Greatest Customer Complaint Response Ever:  Every server dreams of having an owner that will have their back when dealing with an irrational guest.  James Beard Award Nominee Chef Jonathan Justus is that kind of owner and still my restaurant hero. 

So there is a brief recap of the first year of Restaurant Laughs.  This blog serves a great purpose in The Hospitality Formula Network.  It gives me the chance to blow off steam and share some of my more light hearted thoughts.  It is the blog I enjoy writing the most.  I hope that you will all take a chance though to explore the rest of The Hospitality Formula Network for informative posts on the restaurant industry.

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