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server dreams

Restaurant Server Dreams

Every server has their server dreams.  Let me see if this sounds like anyone else’s. I show up for work.  Despite it being a very busy shift the last several weeks, we still only have two servers in the entire dining room.  No busser, food runner, or even a host.  The kitchen is on a […]

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restaurant terms

Restaurant Terms From The Side Station

You’ve probably heard that Eskimos have over 9000 words for snow, but none for whatever term that furthers the point of person using this statistic.  This is a commonly accepted urban legend.  In reality, societies create words to describe whatever the need to communicate.  Language evolves to meet the needs of the society that uses […]

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The Valentine’s Day Perfect Storm

I am generally a pretty optimistic person when it comes to work.  That might be running pretty thin tonight.  I just finished one of the toughest shifts I’ve ever worked.  I can honestly say that I am dreading the shift that is staring me in the face on Valentine’s Day.  In all my years of […]

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Advice From An Older Server

(Note: Sometimes in writing a post I find certain songs running though my head.  On select occasions I recommend these as a soundtrack.  For today’s post I would like to provide a sampling of “old guy music” I didn’t think I would like when I was younger.  Might I recommend “A Pirate Looks at 40” […]

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The Games We Play

I said “bored games” not “board games” One of the interesting topics to come up in my interview on The Dave Scott Show last week was “crop dusting.”  If you haven’t listened to the interview, you can click here and listen to it yourself.  Apparently someone in the chat room of the station brought it […]

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