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Restaurants truly want you to feel comfortable in their establishments.  It is the hospitality industry.  We want you to feel like guests in our home when you eat at our restaurants.  At the same time certain societal norms need to be upheld.  Just as you wouldn’t put your muddy shoes on a host’s coffee table, certain rules of etiquette apply at restaurant.  Due to the fact that these are all too frequently ignored, it might be time for a pop quiz as a friendly reminder of proper restaurant manners.

Feel free to jot down your responses, a link to the answers will be provided at the bottom.

Question One: The minimum socially acceptable amount to leave as a tip for proficient, but mediocre service is:

A) 10%

B) 15-18%

C) 25%

D) $5.00

E) What is a tip?

Question Two:  The minimum socially acceptable amount to leave as a tip for unsatisfactory service is:

A) 0%

B) A Penny

C) 10%

D) $5.00

E) You mean I was supposed to tip them the last 10 times I got great service here?

Question Three: The minimum socially acceptable tip for above average service is:

A) 10%

B) 15-18%

C) 20%

D) $5.00

E) A pat on the back and a nice compliment.

Question Four: The proper time to ask for bread to be served is:

A) Upon arriving at the table

B) With the first course it compliments

C) When appetizers, soup, and salads would normally be served

D) After entrees if not full

E) Early and often

Question Five: Which of the following is an appropriate question to ask a server:

A) “What is your real job?”

B) “Do you plan on going back to school?”

C) “What sides are served with the steak?”

D) “Would you like to join my pyramid scheme?”

E) “Have you invited Jesus into your heart?”

Question Six: How long is it appropriate to occupy a table after a meal:

A) 10-15 minutes

B) 30-45 minutes

C) 1-2 hours

D) Until the meal is fully digested

E) Until they turn off the lights

Question Seven: It is acceptable to for your water to be refilled:

A) After each drink

B) At 3/4 full

C) At 1/2 full

D) At 1/3 full

E) As soon as it has been filled

Question Eight: Which of these reflects the proper way to voice a complaint about the music?

A) “The music is so loud I can’t hear myself think”

B) “This music sucks.  Will you put in my bands new demo CD?”

C) “Is it possible to turn the music down a bit or move to a quieter table?”

D) “I hope the food doesn’t suck as bad as the music.”

E) Say nothing and do not tip the server because obviously they are the one in charge

Question Nine: The proper time to consider dessert options is:

A) As soon as you are done with your entrée, but while others are eating

B) As the server is carrying a dessert to another table

C) As the meal, who needs an entrée anyway?

D) When everyone at the table has finished eating and the plates have been cleared

E) “Dessert?  That is one of the ways restaurants rip you off.  Just like tipping.”

Question Ten: When is the proper time to voice a complaint?

A) When the server is at the table.

B) When the manager visits the table

C) When the server asks how everything is

D) Any of the above

E) When you arrive home and can log on to facebook, yelp, open table, and send a nasty email to the corporate office.

I never claimed it was a hard quiz.  Yet I have seen every single one of these things happen.  Think you aced it?  Don’t be so sure.  Take some time to check out the answer portion of this quiz to find out.  Some answers might be a little different than you expected.

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