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Restaurant Terms From The Side Station

You’ve probably heard that Eskimos have over 9000 words for snow, but none for whatever term that furthers the point of person using this statistic.  This is a commonly accepted urban legend.  In reality, societies create words to describe whatever the need to communicate.  Language evolves to meet the needs of the society that uses […]

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8 Signs Servers Never Want To See In Their Restaurant

There are certain signs that no server wants to see at their restaurant or in their section.  Walking in to see any of these signs as they arrive for another shift is enough to strike terror in the heart of a server.  On the day after Thanksgiving, here are eight signs you can be thankful […]

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T-Shirts For Servers

Recently, some friends of mine went to Turkey. They brought me back an evil eye.  As I understand it would more accurately be called an “eviler eye.”  The concept is that it protects you from “evil eye” curses by returning an even more evil eye.  I have not yet determined how I can work this […]

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Random Thoughts From A Server IV

I ended last week writing about a very serious topic, but one that I felt needed to be addressed.  I’ve decided that in order to help raise the spirits on this special day that I should add a post to Restaurant Laughs.  I haven’t posted an installment of the “Random Thoughts” series in a few […]

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The New Restaurant Laughs Blogroll

For the last few weeks I have been searching for the best restaurant humor sites on the web.  These will populate the new Restaurant Laughs blogroll on the right side of the page.  These sites represent a cross section of the online humor sites that deal with food, restaurants, and serving.  This list is in […]

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