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13 Restaurant Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

I am often asked by friends and in interviews what are the restaurant secrets they should know about before dining out.  This usually causes a chuckle.  I eat out as much as anyone I know.  After working in over a dozen restaurants, I don’t feel enough fear to avoid them.  The cooks will not mess […]

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Money Saving Scams For Restaurant Guests And Owners

Did you know that you can turn your printer in to a money making machine? Simply buy a groupon and print out 100 copies (keep reading until the end of the post to find out the secret to make this work). You can use the groupon you paid for once over and over at the […]

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Using Groupons: Do’s and Don’ts

Recently, one of my favorite blogs wrote a story about the Groupon Apocalypse.  This is the week before all of the groupons that have been sold for a restaurant expire.  Suddenly all of the guests who bought these six months prior feel the urgent need to use them immediately.  I have heard plenty of horror […]

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Trash Talking Guests

One of the more difficult things about writing humorous posts for this blog is that I have a very biting sense of humor.  I am not an angry or aggressive person.  I mean no harm by it.  It is just very difficult for me to see a joke set up and not make it.  Most […]

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Critiquing The Server

As you are reading this, I am most likely sitting in a courthouse awaiting a trial.  Not my trial or anything of that nature.  I was summoned for jury duty.  If this is the last post for a while, you will know I was sequestered for the crime of the century.  In anticipation of my […]

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