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For this week’s recommended reading post, I decided to try something a little different.  Normally on Mondays I post a series of articles that I found interesting over the last week.  This week, I decided to highlight some of the funniest videos on the internet about servers.  Most of us get to work with some incredibly talented people. Some of those talented people spend their time in side stations trying to come up with ideas to make us all laugh.  After spending a few hours looking up old favorites and finding some new ones, I wanted to share some of the best groups out there making funny videos about serving.

The Stand ups: It is natural for a server to try stand up comedy.  It is perhaps more natural for a struggling stand up comedian to make a living as a serve.  The skill sets are very similar.  Even I secretly harbor a dream about taking the mic.  So I can’t create this list without highlighting some of them.  My pick from this category is Sam Evans and his take on what should be allowed during your initial greet.

Also worth watching: Niko O’Connor and his take on Servers and Drugs.

The Bistro: P.F. Chang’s solicited training video ideas in a contest years ago.  This one didn’t win, but I doubt the others even came close to matching it’s humor.  It is based on “The Office” and nails the style pretty well.  I should probably mention that I work with the “Christopher” character in real life.  Yeah, I am cool like that,

Also worth watching: Dat Phan is actually funny when talking about P.F. Chang’s.

L.A. Waiter: It takes a fair amount of effort to get to over 150 posts without ranting.  When I finally crack, this will be the topic it will address.  When an anonymous post is placed on another blog on the internet discussing how much I hate hearing the same lame ass joke from 6-12 different tables every night, you will all know who wrote it.  Just one time I am going to tell the chef you hated the food on your licked clean plate.  I will even bring his snarling pissed off ass out to your table holding a pair of tongs, that he is capable of removing your eyelid with before you can even blink, to your table to let you tell him yourself.  Must control rage.  Watch this:

Also worth watching: L.A. Waiter shows how service would change if he knew the tip in advance.

Corporate Slaves: This guy has taken a few different cracks at the restaurant business.  Both “Automatic Gratuity” and “Up The Creek” made me chuckle.  He also has some interesting rants on his page.  Warning: this is not safe for work and fairly profane.

Also worth watching: Automatic Gratuity

Taylor Park Productions: I think I can say without bias that this is the cream of the crop.  I maybe biased because this is another local guy and many of the interviews in the clips are the patios of the same “server bars” that I frequently end up at after shifts.  Even accounting for that, this video made me laugh so hard I was pounding my desk.  No other video or movie about serving has ever captured the essence of serving like this project.  This is a trailer for their sitcom about servers.


Also worth watching: These are some great “confessional” type candid interviews with servers in KC and the cast of the trailer above: Server’s Confessions and Confessions: “Sex and Secrets”.

Those are my five.  What did I miss?  If you have a favorite, leave a comment.  I get a kick out of these clips and would be happy to share the funny ones with everyone.  On non-related note, I decided to take this lighthearted approach to today’s post because for the second week in a row all of you have broken my weekly hit record.  Seriously, I have the best bunch of readers on the web.  Thank you for telling others about this blog.  I am both humbled and appreciative that so many of you take the time to visit so often.  You all rock.

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4 comments on “Recommended Viewing 11/15

  1. Banquet Manager on said:

    I like the line on the “Corporate Slave” video about their not allowed to put water out unless they ask for it. I remember when that first started many moons ago. Good luck with your blog.
    From the Banquet Manager

    • tipsfortips on said:

      Agreed. When I started my current job we had to greet with bread and offer bottled or tap. Only upon your return could you take a drink order. Through a series of changes over the last three years water and bread are by request only at lunch. I think it is a pretty insignificant change to the restaurant that has a major impact on the guest’s experience. It is also a policy I seldom follow.

  2. yellowcat on said:

    I liked the one on service when you know the tip in advance. It’s pretty much how I feel about things.

  3. Hey, I’m Kelly aka Mary in The Bistro video. Thanks for posting and liking it! You work with Nathan? How’s he been?

    Anyway, thanks!

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