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Random Thoughts From A Server 56: Restrooms

  Who else would get a chuckle out of this?  Why not share it with them.

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Random Thoughts From A Server 54: Grenadine

  Am I right?  Let me know if this is different at your restaurant.

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Random Thought From A Waiter

Random Thoughts from a Server 53: Refills

  And ask any server and they will tell you that the worst offenders are the people drinking diet soda.

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T Shirts for Servers 8: Does this count as a smile?

I have one significant flaw as a server.  Well there is more than one, but one that is the standout among the flaws.  I have no ability to hide an emotion on my face.  Sure I can pretend to be happy if I am having a bad day, but in the instant you say something […]

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restaurant jokes

Random Thoughts From A Server 52: Desserts

Very rarely do I come up with words that I think will be remembered long after I am gone.  This post will be the exception.  In all of my years in the business, I dont think I have ever come up with a thought more profound than this one.  Um well except for all the […]

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restaurant secrets

13 Restaurant Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

I am often asked by friends and in interviews what are the restaurant secrets they should know about before dining out.  This usually causes a chuckle.  I eat out as much as anyone I know.  After working in over a dozen restaurants, I don’t feel enough fear to avoid them.  The cooks will not mess […]

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T Shirts For Servers 7: For a slow week

Everyone has had one of those weeks.  No one is coming in the restaurant, the entire staff is hurting for cash, and the manager cannot even find a volunteer for taking a Saturday night off.  This is even worse when the slow week is the last night of the month and rent is coming due. […]

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Waitress T Shirt

T Shirts for Servers 6- For The Waitresses

Want humorous pictures about serving in your Facebook newsfeed?  Of course you do.  The best way to do that is to check out the Restaurant Laughs Facebook Page and like it.  There are lots of fun graphics to share with your friends.  They range anywhere from moderately amusing to F’n hilarious.  So go check it […]

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hot coffee senior citizen

Random Thoughts From A Server 50

This note was jotted down after a particularly fun coffee adventure.  I personally prefer my coffee slightly above body temperature.  I drink coffee for caffeine.  If it is too hot, then I must wait to drink it.  This is a horrible tease and one that stretches the limits of my patience.  This is the strongest […]

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