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hot coffee senior citizen

Random Thoughts From A Server 50

This note was jotted down after a particularly fun coffee adventure.  I personally prefer my coffee slightly above body temperature.  I drink coffee for caffeine.  If it is too hot, then I must wait to drink it.  This is a horrible tease and one that stretches the limits of my patience.  This is the strongest […]

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restaurant server humor

Random Thoughts From A Server 49

Pavlov trained his dogs to salivate anytime a bell rang.  The way he did it was to ring a bell and then feed the dogs.  Eventually, they salivated at the sound of the bell even when food was not provided.  This is now called a Pavlovian response. A bonus piece of kibble should be provided […]

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Not Really Allergic

Random Thoughts From A Server 48

Allergies have become a hotter issue in restaurants than at any time I can recall.  While I have great sympathy for those that are allergic to food items, the abuse of the word by picky eaters has made it more and more difficult for those with legitimate allergies.  Restaurants will bend over backwards for people […]

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Restaurant Humor

Random Thoughts From A Server 47

So there is actually a funny story behind this napkin.  The guest wanted a lobster tail for dinner.  We offer lobster tails as an add-on, but not as a separate meal.  I asked her if she would like to add the sides and salad to her meal and she approved.  When she got the bill […]

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