That British Sense of Humor

Lately I have been watching a great deal more British television with my girlfriend. She spent some time on the other side of the pond and enjoys it quite a bit. I have always been horrible with accents and lose the comedic timing while I am mentally translating. She convinced me to give it a try by emphasizing that the Brits are a people who love a corny joke as much as I do. She knows me all too well because there are few things I love more than a truly bad joke. So today I thought I would share some bad jokes with you.

So whether you are the server or the guest, here are a few jokes you can use about food. These are applicable standing at a table or sitting at one. They are just as at home at your neighborhood bar as they are in Berlin at an internet café playing partypoker de. These jokes work on either side of the pond and appeal to anyone who enjoys a cheesy joke. A strong accent is optional.

Silly Food Jokes

Question: What do you call Spiritual cheese?

Answer: Cheeses of Nazareth!


Question: What did one plate say to the other plate on a date?

Answer: Lunch is on me!


Question: What does Dr.Who eat with his spaghetti?

Answer: Dalek bread!


Question: What cheese is made backwards?

Answer: Edam!


Question: How do you approach an angry welsh cheese?

Answer: Caerphilly


Funny Phrases

‘Waiter, waiter, what’s this fly doing in my soup?

I think it’s the backstroke, sir.’


Two peanuts walk into a really rough bar. Unfortunately, one was a salted


A man was drowned eating his muesli the other day. He was pulled in by a strong currant…

Did you hear about the curry lover who wrote trashy fiction? He was a paperback riata….

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