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For the last few weeks I have been searching for the best restaurant humor sites on the web.  These will populate the new Restaurant Laughs blogroll on the right side of the page.  These sites represent a cross section of the online humor sites that deal with food, restaurants, and serving.  This list is in no way complete.  I did the best I could through research at suggestions sent to me through Twitter ( @tips4tips).  It does however represent some of the best places to visit online when looking for a good place to find a restaurant laugh.

Two disclaimers should be added here.  First, I do not endorse every view held by every blogger on this list.  These links take you off of my site.  The content is theirs alone.  Second, this list is in no particular order.  I am not looking to make those sorts of decisions.  Everyone has their own sense of humor.  I wanted to put together a list with something for everyone.

Without further commentary, here are my picks for the best restaurant humor sites on the web:

So Good *An Absurd Look At The World Of Food

An irreverent look at food and foodie culture.

You Just Got Sat

A server advocate looking for a little dignity and respect from behind the apron.

Do You Do That At Home?

We may have tamed the Wild West, but not the customers who come into Yellowcat’s restaurant.

Server Nightmares

A submission based site featuring horror stories from servers around the country.

The Restaurant Manager’s Rant

Just because he gets paid a salary, doesn’t mean he can’t rant.

Crazy Waiter

By mixing informative posts with the absurd, the Crazy Waiter shows us that guests are the same around the world.

Stuck Serving

Another submission based site where servers can share their rants.

Waiting In Vegas

Highlighting the less glamorous side of serving in Sin City.

I Got Stiffed

Venting about every server’s least favorite part of the job.

Well Done Fillet

Manuel the Waiter posts intelligent and humorous commentaries about serving.

Ruth Bourdain

Find out why she has become a Twitter phenomenon.

The Bitter Waiter

Definitely bitter. Definitely funny.

… you’re joking, right?

Because cynicism can be funny.

Drinks, Dinners and D-bags: Tales of a Waitress

I am hoping to see this blog make a comeback soon.

Life On A Cocktail Napkin

Mike Q tells true tales from his decades behind the bar.  Sometimes sentimental, sometimes hilarious, always a must read.

Order Up

This blog always tells it like it is.

 Sock Puppet Army

With a combination of comics and commentary, this is quickly becoming one of the best blogs on the internet.

Tales From The Restaurant

An interesting look at the funnier side of working at a corporate restaurant.

The World According To Sauce

A hilarious look at life as a Hooter’s Girl.

These American Servers

This is one of the most intelligently written humor blogs on the web.

Do you feel that I missed someone?  Have a site to add?  Want to tell me how brilliant my list is?  The comment section is open for you.

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4 comments on “The New Restaurant Laughs Blogroll

  1. First, I love this list. And second, I am completely stoked that I made the list (woot woot) 🙂

    Also one of my favorite blogs is the bitchy waiter’s

    Thanks for checking me out!

  2. Joe Sixtop on said:

    Wow! Thanks for prominent placement and kind words. I agree that it is one of the most itelligently written humor sites because the last one was a guest post!
    One of my few regular readers congratulated me for being named my city’s best server and I told her I probably couldn’t be runner-up even at just my job, but I almost got employee of the month one time! Cheers and thanks again! _________-Joe

  3. David, thanks so much for including my blog and for the very kind words. The actual title, however, is “Life on a Cocktail Napkin.” No big deal, . . . I don’t know how you can keep so many irons in the fire, and do it so well. When you get to it though . . .

    • David Hayden on said:

      I am really sorry about that one Mike. Of all the blogs to mess up the title of, I do it on the one I spend the most time reading. I am blaming it on the irons and the couple others I am getting ready to add into the crowded fire.

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