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Retro Restaurant Ads: 1980s Burger Wars

The internets are teeming with classic television ads for restaurants.  Some of them are downright awful.  Some have stood the test of time very well.  Whether they are good or bad, they are a fun reminder of days gone by.  Today I am offering a walk down memory lane.  In the mid-1980s there was a […]

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Weird Restaurant Stories 11/6

This week I ran across an article of particular relevance to this series.  Most of the regular readers know that each week I give an award to the restaurant hero of the week named after Chef Jonathan Justus.  I guess the bad review he received on yelp did not hurt him too much.  His restaurant […]

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Weird Restaurant Stories 10/30

Welcome to a very spooky Halloween installment of weird restaurant stories.  How was that for a cliché introduction?  I am going to attempt to avoid clichés in this post.  That means no reporting of haunted restaurants or robber wearing Halloween masks.  To avoid the clichés even further this will be the first ever violence free […]

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