Weird Restaurant Stories 10/30

Welcome to a very spooky Halloween installment of weird restaurant stories.  How was that for a cliché introduction?  I am going to attempt to avoid clichés in this post.  That means no reporting of haunted restaurants or robber wearing Halloween masks.  To avoid the clichés even further this will be the first ever violence free version of weird restaurant stories.  Which allows me to say, “no restaurant employees were harmed during the writing of these stories.”

Let’s go ahead and get this one out of the way.  Charlie Sheen is a train wreck.  I don’t care how famous you are, being naked in a restaurant is a bad idea.  Although it does coincidentally make my Halloween costume for work both timely and relevant.  (New York, New York)

Partially naked while breast-feeding is completely different.  When this happened in a restaurant recently some guests complained.  A security guard asked the mother to cover up.  She refused and the restaurant had to apologize.  Not sure where I stand on this, but I was taught in school that if you did not bring enough for the whole class… (Albuquerque, NM)

If you have spent any time in the restaurant business, you know the health inspector scramble.  One person distracts them in the lobby while everyone else runs around finding tongs for the lemons.  Which is why one business owner thought it was odd that someone called to schedule an appointment for the health inspector.  (Little Rock, AR)

That story would probably have not made the list without this one.  A man robs a Golden Corral posing as an OSHA inspector.  He really gave himself away looking for chemicals that could be stored improperly in the safe.  (Dothan, AL)

Steak n Shake makes their second appearance in as many weeks.  This week an African American family is suing for not being sat by the manager.  They filed a federal lawsuit seeking a cool $75k for not getting to eat at a Steak n Shake.  They must really love steakburgers.  (Indianapolis, IN)

Thieves steal a purse from a restaurant.  They use it to go on a shopping spree at the Apple store.  Police do not have a picture of the suspects, but are looking for a male in tight jeans, vintage shirt, riding a fixed gear bike.  (Naperville, IL)

There is nothing more annoying than spending your whole break between shifts waiting for a table to leave. I never anticipated this being an issue at McDonalds.  Which makes one franchisee’s new anti loitering policy seem out of place.  (Covington, KY)

People are protesting the construction of a new Show Me’s.  For those of you not familiar with the concept it is another Hooter’s knockoff here in Missouri (The Show Me State) and throughout the region.  The two I have seen lasted an average of six months.  Which didn’t stop one protestor from saying, “I don’t want to see this godforsaken place loaded with drunks, drug addicts and strippers.”  That quote was from a 14 year old girl.  Once again proving that it is a parents job to introduce children to overly righteous indignation about what occurs in a building they will not be allowed into.  (Naperville, IL)

While I hope Charlie Sheen did not ruin the originality of my “naked restaurant patron” costume, I can predict one that will be really overdone this weekend.  Dressing up as Lady Gaga is lame even if you are Lady Gaga.  Most people are lame though so on NYC restaurant decided to capitalize on it with a $100k meat suit.  (New York, New York)

Oh Canada, I knew there was a reason to include you.  A Canadian burglar tries unsuccessfully to rob six businesses in under an hour.  The seventh one was the charm, for the police to catch him.  Out of curiosity, don’t they have Chinese restaurants in Canada?  (Calgary, AB)

The Chef Justus Award for restaurant hero goes to Former President Bill Clinton.  It seems all that a he has to do is step into a restaurant and its business skyrockets.  He is a one man stimulus package for restaurants.  I would be happy to see him walk into my section anytime.  (New York, NY)

The  REDACTED  for restaurant jerk goes to Oregon Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Dudley.  This guy is once again advocating for the use of tip credits to cut the wages of servers in Oregon.  Did he learn nothing from Tom Emmer?  More to come on this story tomorrow.  (Portland, OR)

Time to update this week’s scoreboard.

Scoreboard 10/30

For the second week in a row the East North Central finishes in first place.  The overall leader is held scoreless.  Not even Texas managed to make this weeks rundown.  When you exclude violence, Texas and Florida seem much less exciting.

The world contributes a story from the UK today.  It seems celebrity Chef Heston Blumenthal has an interesting prep kitchen.  Those who choose to dine at his posh restaurant probably do not know that the food is prepared on picnic tables behind the restaurant.  The neighbors are aware and they are not happy about it.  With a relatively slow news week domestically, I will give this story the win.  USA: 6 World: 4

That is all for this week.  Time for me to paint my face to watch my undefeated University of Missouri Tigers put the hurt on the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  This should end just in time to strip down for work.  See you all next week.  MIZ

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6 comments on “Weird Restaurant Stories 10/30

  1. skippymom on said:

    Well it wasn’t a slow week in Naperville IL now was it?

    And I get so tired of the whole breast feeding in public debate. Yes I am for it, babies have to eat but there is a decent way to do it without “OMG I could never put a blanket over the baby’s head” bullsh*t they always say. I did it with three of my kids and with the exception of the one patron who actually pulled the blanket from around my daughter [not her head, just her body] no one has ever seen anything. If they did they were looking too damn hard or were rude [like the guy mentioned above.] Yes breast feeding in public is a right – but there is no reason to go all sanctimonious like some do. jeesh.

    • tipsfortips on said:

      Most women are so subtle about it I have been surprised a time or two myself. No one hates babies or motherhood, but be a bit discreet about it

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