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Restaurant Laughs spotlights the lighter side of life in a restaurant. Written from a server’s point of view, you will find humorous insights on dealing with unreasonable guests, crazy co-workers, and even some of the strangest tales from restaurants around the country. All of this is shared with a love for the industry and a great deal of affection for all of the guests that make serving so rewarding. This site is more than a waiter rants and tirades. It is a genuine opportunity to look at ourselves and laugh at the absurdity of it all. These are the true tales of life inside a restaurant.


Restaurant Laughs is just one of a series of sites collectively known as The Hospitality Formula Network. This network is comprised of websites to help restaurant industry professionals advance in their careers and assist restaurant guests in understanding our industry. The Manager’s Office, Tips Squared, Foodie Knowledge and Restaurant Marketing Plan all provide great insights on the business side of things. This site is designed for comic relief. After working a long shift or recalling a horrible dining experience, we could all use a good laugh.


Restaurant Laughs, and the entire Hospitality Formula Network, are written by David Hayden. Mr. Hayden is a restaurant industry consultant, blogger, and server. His first book, Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips, was released in 2011 and provides restaurant servers with the knowledge they need to improve their incomes. With 17 years of experience in the hospitality industry, he shares his knowledge and stories with readers through his blogs and books. His hope is that they provide both servers and guests the opportunity to share a laugh and understand each other better.

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Weird Restaurant Story of the Day 6/29

It’s not every week that I get to mention 4chan and Chilis in a post.  I am a little disapointed that they were on the same side of this story.  The important lesson here is not to post things like this on Facebook.  Remember Chilis is legion.  They do not forgive.  They do not forget.

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Weird Restaurant Story of the Day 6/28

You have to be careful when replying to “help wanted” ads on Craigslist.  Sometimes they are scams.  Sometimes they are for lousy restaurants.  Sometimes they want you to serve a swingers’ party in the nude.

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Weird Restaurant Story of the Day 6/27

I understand that some people get very passionate about the food they eat and the food they prepare.  Somehow I don’t think that defense will work in this case.   

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Weird Restaurant Story of the Day 6/24

A restaurant in Austin was recently raided and seized after police allege that over a kilo of heroin was distributed from the restaurant.  Here are some lines left out of the story: “Undercover police became suspicious when over a late afternoon meal a detective was asked, ‘would you like smack with that?’” “The restaurant was […]

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Weird Restaurant Story of the Day 6/23

Two important things you can learn from today’s story.  First, walk-in coolers are no joke.  If the mechanism that lets you open them from the inside is broken, you need to raise hell unting it is fixed.  Second, I love the restaurant business as much as anyone.  However if I die in a restaurant, I […]

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Weird Restaurant Story Of The Day 6/22

Open Table just released their list of the 75 “Kid Friendliest” restaurants in the United States.  I am re-releasing the site as “The 75 restaurants I will never work at.” 75 Restaurants to skip when looking for a serving job

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Weird Restaurant Story Of The Day 6/21

Who said chivalry was dead?  A man is minding his own business at a restaurant and enjoying a nice date.  Then some jerk at the next table belches.  While I would simply ignore such a thing, I apparently lack the chivalry of this man.  His response: grab a butter knife and threaten to kill the […]

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Weird Restaurant Story of the Day 6/20

Many restaurants loudly proclaim that they do a great job of promoting from within.  This is a great practice.  You know what else is a great practice? Background checks.  This Sonic employee seemed to get a promotion every time he robbed his own store.  A few more and he could have been CEO. Climbing the […]

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Weird Restaurant Story Of The Day 6/19

I have suffered through overhearing countless comments from jackass guests.  Every bigoted, racist, and homophobic comment they would never say if they thought I was actually listening.  Coming from guests you have to deal with it because you are at work.  Rarely would you hear an employee say such things, much less a manager.  This manager raised the bar […]

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Weird Restaurant Story Of The Day 6/18

I’ve never been a fan of using public restrooms.  I avoid them when I can, but sometimes there is not a convenient option.  After reading this story, pulling over along the side of the highways just became a much better option.  Also, for those in the restaurant business this should serve as a reminder of […]

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Restaurant Humor

Weird Restaurant Stories: Father’s Day Update

Way back when I was doing my weekly “Weird Restaurant Stories” series, I gave the restaurant hero of the week to Tim Harris.  For those of you who don’t remember, Tim was the owner of Tim’s Place, a thriving restaurant that specialized in free hugs.  Tim has down syndrome, but still owns a restaurant doing […]

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