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Weird Restaurant Stories 2/12/2011

In the past, we have had weeks that focused on criminals.  We have also had weeks where the police took center stage.  Today, the judges and lawyers have their spotlight.  This week’s stories feature follow-ups on some of the most interesting characters from past episodes.  I would not consider them conclusions to the stories, because […]

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Weird Restaurant Stories 2/5/2011

Each week that I sit down to write this column, I become more convinced of one thing: journalists are not very creative.  Scrolling through 200+ stories about restaurants this week I discovered that every newspaper in the country reported: a) huge snowstorms are bad for business and b) restaurants try to entice customers with specials […]

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Weird Restaurant Stories 1/29/2011

Today’s weird restaurant stories and all future versions are now coming to you from the friendly folks at Google.  Yahoo has been replaced as my source of choice for the stories.  This week I will respond in more detail to what I feel was a completely unprovoked and unmerited attack by Yahoo on restaurant servers.  […]

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Weird Restaurant Stories 1/22/2011

Some weeks you all make me proud.  It wasn’t until I perused at least 150 headlines that I determined this was going to be a special week.  I have full boat of weird restaurant stories for you this week without a single person getting seriously hurt or murdered.  Sure there were a few run of […]

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Weird Restaurant Stories 1/15/2011

Welcome back to the first edition of Weird Restaurant Stories of 2011.  This year I am introducing some changes to the format of this feature.  Most notably, I am removing the regional competition.  I am also eliminating the US versus The World contest every week.  This will allow for more international stories when they are […]

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