Weird Restaurant Stories 8/21

For a while now I have tried to come up with a weekend concept for this blog.  Traffic is down on the weekends and I wanted to come up with something lighthearted for everyone to enjoy.  Last week’s point/counterpoint on why it is a good or bad idea to date coworkers didn’t work out that way.  Turns out several of my dating coworkers did not see the humor in the post.  So much for the point/counterpoint idea.

Instead today I am going to try something a little different.  We all know truly strange things happen in restaurants all the time.  Sometimes they are even newsworthy.  So this Saturday in an effort to make everyone’s restaurant seem just a bit more normal I dug up some of these stories from around the world.  All of these were reported in just the last week.

Cell phone cameras are very useful and cool.  Generally, I choose to use mine for blurry concert pictures and remembering where I parked.  This restaurant worker used his for a less noble pursuit and ended up in jail.  (Baker, LA)

I have seen any number of things stolen from a restaurant.  We all have a few items that we keep meaning to take back.  Stealing over 100 pizza pans for scrap metal might make most restaurant owners notice though.  (Terre Haute, IN)

The other night at a trivia game one of my younger coworkers saved the day by knowing what a Rhianna was.  Apparently she is some sort of a big deal.  However if she pulled this at my restaurant, I would laugh at her.  (NYC)

I don’t know much about Canadia, but I sure love their bacon.  Their criminal justice system apparently is not as good as their bacon.  This story crosses from weird to outrage inspiring.  This is why my daughter will never work in a restaurant until she is too old for me to stop her.  (Calgary, AB)

My first response was, “Yeah we are guys and it happens sometimes.”  I would have used the split stream defense.  Apparently though he wasn’t even in the restroom.  (Mohegan, CT)

I have seen many creative ways of going after the restaurant that fired you.  None of them have involved nudity.  Today that changed.  Here’s to you streaking disgruntled former employee.  I would recommend keeping your clothes on while serving your sentence.  (Milton Hills, NH)

Anyone who has been in the business for a while knows the health inspector dance.  We all run around pulling the ice scoop out of the well and putting tongs in the lemons.  Apparently this place had no one on getting-rid-of-the-deer-heart-in-the-walk-in duty.  The worst part of the story is it only dropped their grade to a “B”.  (Kernersville, NC)

The final mention goes to Sharpsburg, MD and their liquor license officials for letting me know that people make noise when smoking outside of bars.  They used to make noise inside of bars until smoking bans made them go outside.  Is talking while smoking going to be the new texting while driving? (Sharpsburg, MD)

To make this new feature more interesting I decided to add a little twist.  I will keep a running scorecard by region on weird restaurant stories.  This will allow you to see how your area ranks.

US Regions

The Scoreboard Week One

The East coast scored big in the first week.  I do expect great things from the Pacific and West South Central regions.  The Mountain region wound up with Vegas, which makes it a sleeper pick.  Anyone else have predictions on how this will play out?

See a crazy story in your paper?  Want to point out the craziness of another region?  It is time to step up and show some rivalry.  Leave a link in the comments the articles you find and get them up on the scoreboard.  You might even get to be the spokesperson for your entire region.  This could get interesting.

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4 comments on “Weird Restaurant Stories 8/21

  1. skippymom on said:

    These were great tidbits. Like the new idea for the weekend post.

  2. In my 30+ years in the biz, I’ve seen many, many things. One of the weirdest was when I managed a (late, great) restaurant in Westport and Cloris Leachman was in town doing dinner theatre. She came in with an entourage and sat, eating boiled shrimp, tail, shell and all, while one of her “friends” massaged her bare feet and she made dramatic flourishes with her hands and arms, ordering the “help” to remove all the steak from her steak soup.

    Then there was the time a couple tore the sink off the bathroom wall by using it as support under their *ahem* writhing bodies.

    Oh, and one of the most beautiful women I ever waited on (back in the late 70s at an all-night diner that used to be on the Plaza) was a 6’6″ man. Impeccably dressed and perfectly coiffed, always came in by herself. I’ll never understand where one buys gorgeous designer shoes in a size 22.

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