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I wasn’t planning on writing today, but a huge thank you is in order to all of you.  Yesterday my post titled “Ten Reasons Serving Is Not Like Your Job” crushed my previous best day.  Huge props to Tony over at Tony’s Kansas City and Yellowcat at Do You Do That At Home for linking to it.  I would also like to thank all of those people who shared it on facebook.  I don’t want to sound too self-serving, but that is a post we all benefit from people reading.

That is not the only thanks to be dispensed today.  I was greeted with congratulations from my General Manager this morning.  I had to stop and ask why they were in order.  That is when I found out that I had won The Pitch’s 2010 Reader’s Choice for Best Server in KC.  I cannot even express how honored I am to win this award.  This might be the coolest thing I have ever won.  Yes, they did misspell my name, but I blame that on Charles Feruzza (intentional payback).  They could have looked it up in the article they wrote about me a few months ago, but it does nothing to diminish my excitement.

I really am honored and want to thank all of you who voted.  This really does make my day.  I also wanted to congratulate Tony for winning best blogger, Blanc Burgers and Bottles for best burger, and The Flea Market for best trivia.  All were reader’s choice winners.  As I forewarned in my initial post on the topic, the reader’s picks were pretty much dismissed and they chose whom they wanted to write about for their winners.  I think the reader’s choices are still a better measure and I count these guys as the real winners.

Now it is time to head back to work and start building for the repeat.

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8 comments on “Thank You!

  1. The reason they write about other things is the staff pick their own “Best Of” winners. The Readers Poll is what people actually vote on. I’d rather be a reader favorite than a staff favorite, and you ARE!

    • tipsfortips on said:

      Thanks Becky. I tried to win you a few, but congrats on best trivia night. Let me know if you all get a plaque. I will drive to their offices to pick it up if I can get a picture of Ferruzza presenting me with mine.

  2. the kid sister on said:

    Yay! You rock, and I am so so so proud of you!

    Also, it makes me chuckly that you included “David Haydon” in the search words.

  3. Let me tell ya this Free Enterprise thing isn’t easy.

  4. yellowcat on said:

    Glad to be of service and congrats! on your win.

  5. skippymom on said:

    How cool is that award? WOW! Very happy for you. Congratulations.

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