Ten TV Restaurant’s Where I Want To Eat

Some of my favorite restaurants do not even exist.  These are the places that serve as hangouts for television characters I’ve tuned in to watch every week.  They create the atmosphere for some of television’s greatest moments and become a real part of our memories.  Apart from a random trivia question, many of these restaurants have been filed away in the back of our minds.  Today, I wanted to take a walk down memory lane and recall some of my favorite restaurants from television history.

10) Arnold’s, Milwaukee, WI (Happy Days)

 Happy Days

While Al Delveccio manned the grill in early seasons, Arnold’s was actually owned by Pat Morita’s character, Mesuma “Arnold” Takahashi, who took the nickname “Arnold” from the previous owner to prevent needing to change the sign.  Anywhere I can get a burger cooked by Mr Miyagi is alright by me.

9) The Lanford Lunchbox, Lanford, IL (Roseanne)


I have never had a loose meat sandwich.  It sounds pretty good.  Sure the owner is rude, but it seems pretty easy to pick up either of the waitresses.

8 ) The Hub, Point Place, WI (That 70’s Show)

My first thought was The Maxx from Saved by the Bell.  The Hub is way cooler though.  Mitch Hedberg is in the kitchen, they have pinball, and it does not seem to double as a school cafeteria periodically owned by a creepy magician.

7) Mel’s Diner, Phoenix, AZ (Alice)


Any restaurant where the waitress can tell her boss to “Kiss My Grits” is my kind of place.

6) Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand, Balboa Island, CA (Arrested Development)

Arrested Developement

Who doesn’t like a frozen banana served by one of the most normal kids on television and the first cousin he has a huge crush on.  Ok, maybe he is less normal than I thought.

5) Vesuvio, Newark, NJ (The Sopranos)

The Sopranos

Artie Bucco seems like one heck of a chef.  Tony Soprano eats there often.  Tony Soprano strikes me as a guy who knows a good Italian restaurant.

4) Merlotte’s, Bon Temps, LA (True Blood)

True Blood

Sure the place seems a little violent, but we all have to live on the wild side sometimes.  There don’t seem to be a lot of dining options in Bon Temps.  I will pass on the True Blood though.

3) Krusty Burger, Springfield, ?? (The Simpsons)

The Simpsons

While Moe’s might be the more famous restaurant in the series, I would not eat the food.  Krusty Burger seems to always be introducing something more gluttonous each week and I bet their kid’s meals always come with a cool prize.

2) Jack’s Bistro, Santa Monica, CA (Three’s Company)

Threes Company

After spending many hours at The Regal Beagle, Chef Jack Tripper opened his own restaurant.  The specialty of the house was Coq Au Vin.  I am a little ashamed that all of that came from memory.

1) Cheers, Boston, MA (Cheers)


Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.

There is my top ten list.  There were lots of honorable mentions that did not make the cut.  Do you have one you think should have been included?  Leave a comment and let me know what I missed.  The fun doesn’t have to end here.

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6 comments on “Ten TV Restaurant’s Where I Want To Eat

  1. Kid Sister on said:

    Great list! No “Peach Pit?” I’m funny.

  2. MikeQ on said:

    I’d enjoy dining at a place you owned, David. You clearly have the knowledge and energy required, so find some investors. With your high profile there must be some doctors, lawyers or other professionals who have always wanted to particiapte in this business but lack the experience and time required.

    • David Hayden on said:

      I would be the most neurotic owner ever. I have considered it, but I don’t have the nerves to actually own a restaurant. I would be chasing my servers around the restaurant complaining about giving away too many lemon wedges. I wouldn’t want to work for me.

      My next trip to Boston will include a tour of the bars you write about though. I feel like I have already been to some of them. There should be a Mike Q’s bar tour of Boston posted somewhere.

  3. Chris Hayden on said:

    I can’t believe that you didn’t remind everyone that you can get anything you want at Alices Restaurant.

  4. waitermood on said:


    If you guys go to Brazil one day, you will be served by a waiter smoking a cigarret and scratching his balls while taking your order, if you come to Scotland you will be served by a polish waiter who doesn’t speak english and gets mad if you don’t understand what he says. I have heard that in India they get paid something like 6$ a day. so if you tip the waiter 5$ he will love you forever. 🙂 traveling is the best way to know the food world.

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