Monday Morning Recap

I work doubles on Mondays, which generally leaves me little time to write.  This has lead me to try several different concepts for Monday posts.  Most were not well received.  This Monday, as promised, I am going to do something different.  Today we will try a brief recap of my favorite server blog posts from the last week.

Let’s start out with the only slightly cranky waitress clearing out her writing list.  A rapid fire hit list of posts she has been teasing came through this week.  It reminds me of exactly why corporate restaurants have such high turnover.  By the end of this series of events, I would be ready to walk out.  I am sure someone from corporate would be there to tell me the proper door to walk out of.  (The Only Slightly Cranky Waitress)

Teleburst hits us with a post about changing seasons and what it means to guests.  A few thoughts on what it means to servers I would add.  1) If you are going to change jobs in the next four months, now is the time.  Most places aren’t training during the holidays.  2) Crime rates rise significantly this time of year.  As the holidays approach, stay vigilant  when leaving work.  (So You Want To Be A Waiter?)

Jonathan over at Fat City makes his first appearance on the list with this write up of genetically engineered salmon, which may be heading to a plate near you.  If you have read my post on farm-raised salmon, you know I refuse to touch the stuff.  I am not opposed to genetic engineering as much as PCBs and the myriad of other problems farming salmon causes.  Take a read and decide for yourself (Fat City)

YellowCat announced her bloody brilliant blogger award.  The photos are worth the click alone.  Some great blogs mentioned.  My benevolence is great enough to include the list in spite of being left off it.  (Do You Do That At Home?)

My favorite Hooter’s blogger shares a letter she received.  When I managed Hooters most of the mail was in creepy writing telling us we were going to burn in hell.  Seriously.  About once a month we would get a letter from a graduate of the zodiac killer school of penmanship trying to scare us into seeing the error of our ways.  I wish I would have saved a copy of some, but they were in a file marked “evidence.” (Girl and Guitar)

Of all the blogs I read regularly, I think Native Napkin and I would have the most fun sharing stories.  The guys who have been around longer than I have always have the best stories.  This week he tells of the job search and how being able to write might have landed him a promotion.  I am rooting for him.  (Sorry, Not My Table)

“More bread please” is one of my least favorite phrases, but quickly becoming a must read blog.  He has started a new job and writes about acclimating.  Over the years I have noticed that people who try to get too deep into the social scene at a restaurant too quickly generally do so after being run out of the social scene at their last job.  Sounds like he is taking the gradual approach.  If you work with me, that is the best way to get me to stop calling you “rookie.”  (More Bread Please)

I try to stay positive on my blog.  This is because other people do bitchy so much better than I do.  Case in point The Bitchy Waiter living up to his moniker discussing a guest’s response to an 86’d item.  As someone who deals with this often, I appreciate the post.  I just need to avoid quoting it at work. (The Bitchy Waiter)

The Red Lobster blog gives us reason to feel fortunate.  Endless shrimp are back.  I had a coworker suggest that we go to eat there to feel better about our jobs.  I pointed out that I can’t afford it right now.  Guess maybe I should feel jealous.  (Red Lobster Blog)

Finally, the “can’t miss post of the week” comes from Jonathan again at Fat City.  All of histories achievements in culture and art have reached their pinnacle.  I give you a video so bizarre it is guaranteed to go viral.  Kitten in tiny hat eats a tiny ice cream cone.  Brilliant.  (Fat City)

Those are my top 10 in no particular order.  Did I miss something?  Do you have a blog I should look for next week?  Should I go back to the drawing board and come up with something better for next week?  The comment section is open (scroll back to the top of the post) for your thoughts.

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10 comments on “Monday Morning Recap

  1. skippymom on said:

    Love all the blogs you mentioned. It is my list of daily reads [you included, of course]. Keep up the great work [I like the other lists you compile too. Good stuff]

  2. yellowcat on said:

    Thanks for the mention even if I didn’t mention you. I left you out on purpose because your blog is of a more serious nature rather than the silliness, bitching, or just plain batshit insanity of the other blogs. Your turn will come, my friend. 🙂

  3. The Bitchy Waiter on said:

    thank you!

  4. hahaha. bitchy waiter was really funny. but i have to tell you i hate HATE white text on black blogs. they are hard to read and just reading that one post has permanently burned lines into my vision. and speaking of blogs. im really liking the new look of yours. very nice

    • tipsfortips on said:

      Thanks, I spent alot of time trying to pick it out. Hasn’t achieved all the goals I wanted, but definitely doesn’t hurt the eyes too bad.

  5. teleburst on said:

    Thanks for the shoutout! I’m humbled to be listed with the rest of those fine blogs.

    Oh yeah, I meant to echo something you wrote recently about Slightly Cranky Waitress – I too owe her a big debt in terms of how much traffic whe drives to my blog. She’s always head and shoulders above every other referrer. Back when Steve at Waiter Extrordinaire was actively posting, he and SCW were always trading places being top dog. I’m glad Steve has found other outlets but I miss his waiter postings. I’m glad to see him tentatively posting on his blog again.I wish him great success in his travel industry endeavors.

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