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Just time for a quick post today.  Between campers at lunch and opening dinner, I wasn’t left with much time for writing.  The upside is that I am not going to try and rush through some great topics I have been working on to finish the rest of the month.  This week should be filled with some fun topics that everyone should enjoy.  Today is about clearing up some topics I have been meaning to get to.

When people use my computer, they are often amazed by how many tabs I keep open.  As I am writing this I have whittled it down to just a dozen.  My poor computer has been holding some of these tabs for days and needs a break.  So today I am sharing five articles that I feel are worth passing along.  At least one of these will be expanded upon in a later post.

The first article is a follow up point to my post on Justus Drugstore and your new restaurant hero.  I mentioned in passing that we were the next day at a gas station.  One comment came to me via Facebook making fun of the fact that I ate BBQ at a gas station.  Oklahoma Joe’s is about half a mile from my house and is the best BBQ to be found anywhere in the world.  Don’t believe me?  Well Anthony Bourdain says it is one of the 13 places to eat before you die.  There are 12 other places on the list.  Anyone else working their way through the list?

I keep hearing about the show “Man vs Food.”  It documents one man’s attempt to eat some oversized portions of food.  I don’t watch it.  I watch people eat for a living.  This would be like a telemarketer coming home to spend hours on the telephone.  I can handle it in a written form though.  Here is a great list of food challenges from around the country.

I generally do crosswords or read the paper to kill spare time at work.  Chef’s tend to be more creative.  Between cigarettes on the back dock some of them find time to do things like this

Someone in the kitchen got bored

To see a whole lot more of these creations and maybe find some inspiration, check out the article.

I first read about the “Pay what you want” restaurant concept in the Fat City blog.  Here is another take on it.  I truly don’t think that this will catch on.  It is an interesting concept to consider.  Before too many owners consider this, maybe they ought to ask some servers.  People leave us what they think our efforts are worth.  Too many guests cannot place the proper value on that either.

Finally, I ran across this article on stumble upon,  A waitress unloads all of her best stories in one post.  A great read.  Also a great picture.  If anyone can tell me the national chain that prominently features it, I will congratulate them in the next post.  Want a better prize, give me a better idea.

Time to head back for part two of my double.  Coming up this week are several interesting posts.  Tomorrow I will recap this weekends Plaza Art Fair.  If you are not familiar with this event, see what happens when restaurants build secondary restaurants on the streets for the chance of capturing an extra weeks worth of sales in a weekend.  Later this week I will examine the “aspirational dining” market segment.  I will finish up by introducing the term “smart mark” to the server lexicon.  Believe me, you will be using it frequently once you read it.

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5 comments on “Five Stories Worth Reading

  1. a squash pig!!!??? yes. that. cute.

    and you know how you can set up posts to publish in advance. like if you wanted to sit down and type up a whole weeks worth of posts on sunday nights and have one post each day of the week without doing anything? well thats how i keep from storing things in my open tabs or bookmarking them. i start a post (give it a title so you can find it later) and just copy all my links into the body. and save it instead of hitting publish. then when i have time ill go back and actually write up the article. but that way i can keep my ideas separated without piling more things in my bookmarks. just a thought for your poor tired tabs

  2. the kid sister on said:

    I thought it was an avocado…. 🙂

    I think you should talk about the dynamics between hosts and servers. I was never tough enough to be a server, but I did host for a long time. I remember you telling me once that when the servers were being jerks to me, I needed to remember that I had the power over how much money they made that night.

    This also came to my mind because I went to 54 and had another poor service experience, but this time it was a host. I realize it was slightly my fault, but I was only trying to help. I called to let them know I was bringing in a party of 13. I know they don’t do call-ahead seating, but I also know a host can watch tables and think about where to put people. My call was not heeded nor appreciated.

    • tipsfortips on said:

      I have actually been working on a whole series on this. It will be things servers do to drive you nuts from the perspective of hosts, bartenders, bussers, cooks, and managers. The problem is getting a list from each of them. In the works though

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